Tuesday, March 25, 2008

American Express - Don't leave Canberra without it! The doeberl cup that is!

In round 5 the American GM Varuzhan Akobian played on top board against sole leader GM Darryl Johansen andwon. GM Gawain Jones and Zhang Zhong played out a draw on board two, GM Surya Ganguly accounted for GM Dejan Antic on board three, GM Vadim Malakhatko conceded a draw IM Hafizulhelmi Mas on board four and Merab Gagunashvili defeated Endre Ambrus. Notable upsets for the round included Tomek Rej defeating IM Igor Bitansky and IM David Smerdon drew with Jesse Sales as did IM Antanas Kizov against Velomir Kresovic

Round 6 saw Akobian's French defence defeat Ganguly in 67 moves. Zhang Zhong defeated Daryl Johansens Sicilian Defence on boarde two. Board three saw Gawain Jones and IM Stephen Solomon play out a draw from a Spanish four Knights opening. Merab Gagunashvili defeated IM Andras Toth from a Pirc defence. Dejan Antic accounted for Tomek Rej on board 5 in a Bogo-Indian. And WGM Zozulia lost to Malakhatko on board 6. Notable Upsets include Victorian Domagoj Dragicevic accounting for IM Gary Lane in a sicilian, Endre Ambrus went down to Gareth oliver and Paul Broekhuyse was held to a draw by Ian Rout. Derek Yu scored a draw against Ascaro Pecori.

Round 7 saw GM Akobian play top seed GM Zhong Zhang. The game ended in a draw by threefold repitition ending on move 15. This game was determined to be a fair draw as the players may black may not have had any better play than to repeat the position three times. However Akobian was warned not to take any more draws of this nature. Board two saw GM Merab Gagunashvili draw with GM Surya Gangulyin thirty two moves from a Slav defence. Boad three saw GM Malakhatko lose to GM Gawain Jones. IM Solomon lost to Dejan Antic in a French Tarrasch. GM DarrylJohansen scored a draw against WGM Roufan Li from a sicilian defence.

It was Gawain Jone's Turn in round 8 to draw with GM Akobian on top board, Zhong Zhang drew with Merab Gagunashvili. Dejan Antic accounted for IM David Smerdon, FM Igor Goldenberg lost to Surya Ganguly. WGM Roufan Li lost to IM Kizov. FM Igor Goldenberg drew with Puchen Wang and Tomek Rej scored an excellent result by drawing with GM Vadim Malakhatko. WGM Anna Zozulia upset Daryl Johansen to wrap up the which wraps up the round 8 report.

Varuzhan Akobian performed a threefold repetition against Dejan Antic. However the Arbiters decided that this draw was unacceptable and that the players should play on. Akobian played a different move and went on to win the game and the tournament. A draw would have meant that Antic would have shared first prize with Akobian but it was not to be.

Board two saw Ganguly and Zhong Zhang play out a draw from a Ruy Lopez. The draw was agreed to after 36 nives, Board three saw GM Gagunashvili draw with Gawain Jones after 38 moves. Igor Bitanski and Antanas Kizov played out a draw on board 4, IM Stephen Solomon and Igor Bjelobrk battled each other in a Scandinavian where Solomon eventually won. Puchen Wang and WGM Zozulia Played out a draw.Malakhatko outplayed Raul Samar in a 104 move marathon on board 7.

So GM Akobian won the Doeber cup. A full point from Ahong Zhang, Surya Ganguly, Gawain Jones, Merab Gaguashvili, Dejan Antic, Stephen Solomon, and Atanas Kizov.

I have volunteered to enter games to be kept in a database so If I come accross any interesting games (such as Ascaro Pecori's game in the last round where he won with two rooks against tow queens )

A minor and Major Report will be coming. Probably after SIO

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