Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a Monster! Three I's lead tournament after day 1

Approximately 50-60 players have entered the Ryde Eastwood open this year. There are ten players over the 2000 rating mark headed by GM Dejan Antic and Andreas Toth.

Round 1 saw all the top seeds go to rating. Antic defeated Coffs Harbour's Alen Tankel, Johnathen Yuen lost to Toth, Bjelobrk defeated David Lam, John Alkin lost to NSW State Champ Greg Canfell, Armen Ayvazyan defeated Mark Baterowicz, Ben Cheung was defeated by Junta Ikeda, Giang Nguyen defeated Norm Greenwood and a late pairing saw Bolens defeat Parker.
There were three draws for the round Sartaj Hans (1929) drew with Andrew Jung(1389), Brendan Norman (1902) was held to a draw by Cedric Koh (1354), and another makeshift pairing saw Oscar wang(1505) draw with Phil "downunder knight" Willis.
Johnathan Ren obtained an upset win over Paul Reynolds.

Round two saw the top 6 boards go according to rating:
Andrew Brown appeared to be down a pawn early then got it back.... and then lost it again in an attack which Antic weathered to win the game. Board two saw Toth defeat Mandla after toth obtained two pieces for his rook and pawn but Toth's two bishops were too overwhelming for Mandla's position. Board 3 Benjamin harris lost to Igor Bjelobrk, Greg Canfell defeated Adrian Miranda after Adrian survived Canfell's first wave of attack but succumed to Canfells second wave after trying to get some counterplay. Abbot lost to Armen Ayvazyan. There was an upset on board 7 as Tony Davis (1813) drew with Giang Nguyen (2163). followed by another draw on board 8 where Paul Broekhuyse (2122) drew with Joseph Nguyen (1756). Andrew Furst lost to Max Illingworth and Johny Bolens defeated Jonathan Ren.
Draws for the round included Andrew Jung (1389) against Brendan Norman (1902).
There were 3 upsets for the round: Cedric Koh (1354) defeating Herman Rachmadi (1642), Paul reynolds (1893) defeated by Valsalan Karayi (1408) and Adrian Kong (1293) defeated John Alkin (1616)

Round 3 was a monster of a round where the three I's came to the top.....
On board one Junta Ikeda took a long time to develop his Queen side pieces against Dejan Antic but Junta was able to cause enough problems to claim the win on time. On board two a blitz finish between Armen Ayvazyan and Andreas Toth agreed to a draw. After the agreement Bolens pointed out a possible win for Toth..... I dont know if it was or not... On Board four Igor Bjelobrk defeated Johny Bolens. Board 5 saw another upset on time. Max Illingworth went half a point better on his draw against Canfell in last year's state championships. Giang Nguyen defeated Paul Broekhuyse.
Upsets started on board 7 where Tony Davis (1813) defeated Hans (1929), and Joseph Nguyen (1756) defeated Sherab Guo-Yuthok (1843) on board 8. Nick Kordahi (1792) lost to Andrew Jung (1389) and Valsalan Karayi (1408) continued his excellent form against Adrew Furst (1770),Thierry Ollivain (1384) lost to Issac Ng (1206), And Mary Wilkie (1251) lost to the young and very talented Sean Gu (1172)
The only upset draw for the round was Will Chaffey (1173) drawing with Paul Reynolds (1893)

So after three rounds we have 3 players on 3 points. Now some sleep :D

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ryde Eastwood Open Is on today

It'll be Blogging time again!

Today rounds 1-3 of the NSWCA Ryde Eastwood Open will take place at the Ryde Eastwood Leagues club, just a short walk from West Ryde Station.

I will report on it daily....

Friday, September 28, 2007

A night with Ian Rogers

Mirakla Mithran will be representing Australia at the World Youth Chess tournament in Talya, Turkey, this coming november.

I played her last night and she seems to be a crafty little player. But i think the longer the time limit the better she will play. I played 2 10 minute games against Mirakla, the first, a scotch gambit, I ended up drawing.

The night with Ian Rogers will happen on
Saturday 13th October 2007
Time:6 pm
Venue: Toongabbie Christian School Hall, 30-40 Metella Road Toongabbie
Tickets are $20 per adult and $10 per student.

The meal will beBuffet style Sri Lankan Cuisine (Desert and drinks included). Contact Gaya for further information (mob ph:0416 285 837)

A simul will be given by the Grandmaster after dinner. To enter the simul contact Phin Tang on 0412879875 or email

Thursday, September 27, 2007

OK I've been quite slack.......

I've been quite slack with my blogging of late. I've been reading some old magazines. One "NSW Chess" from 1991 looks interesting. What was happening in NSW In 1991? there was an Extraordinary General Meeting called consider the motion that "the national magazine "chess in Australia remains as part of the NSWCA Membership schemeas it has been for many years"

So now a Question:

If the NSWCA decided to increase the membership rate to xay $150 and included the "Chess Australia: Magazine and a free entry into a NSWCA event+ discounts into other events would you pay it?

I probably would. I play in alot of tournaments so in the long run i'd probably profit from the idea.

Anoter thing that pops up is the fact that almost all the chess events in the booklet are sponsored: the Cepacol NSW State Championships; The Mercantile mutual Grand Prix, the Commonwealth Bank Grade Matches.

And what happened to these people? Johnathan Mendel was DOP of the City of Sydney Premier Weekender.

Chatswood chess club in Focus was another article which was revisited in a recent Australian Chess Mag.

Anyhow more tidbits to come.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

WoW What a loser!

To Mr Arthur Huynh:

Get off your rear and start playing the chess games that you have signed up to play in the state champs?

And what about the Parra Club Champs? Are you going to play in them?

Mr Huynh you need to stop playing World of Warcraft. It seems to be detrimental to your health.

Wake up!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this post will put a bomb under your ass and do something other than play WoW all night long.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Integra NSW Championships round 5 - Canfell Cruises to victory - Now unbeatable!

Gregory Canfell defeated Johny Bolens in the 5th round of the Integra NSW State Championships, thus engraving his name once more in NSW state championship history by building up an unassailable lead. Board two saw Brendan Norman and Andrew Furst draw. Adrian Rose and Gareth Charles battled out an unclear position until Gareth's two bishops over come Adrians position and eventually won the game. Huynh - Camer ended up in a double forfeit.

Standings after five rounds: 1st Canfell 5, 2nd Charles 3.5, 3rd Bolens 3, 4th Norman 2, 5th-6th Rose, Furst 1.5, 7th Huynh 0.5, 8th Camer 0.

In the Major division Paul Glissan ended up with two Queens to defeat Herman Rachmadi. Glissan is a clear point from his nearest rivals. On board two it was a battle of Parramatta with Joshua Christensen and Bob Sewell playing out a 4hr 30min marathon game where josh had winning pawn endgame (no other pieces) and ended up with Q+3P against Bobs Q. My brain got fried trying to work out the variations.... On board three Nick Kordahi and Lloyd Fell battled out a tough game with Nick being two passed pawns up but with an active King and Opposite colour bishops Lloyd may have been able to old for a draw. I didnt end up getting this result. I think it might have been a win for Kordahi. Tom Tomas went up a pawn early against Mark Baterowicz "It was risky taking the pawn" Tom said "a player of much higher standard may have been able to punish me for my greed!" Javor scored a point when Charamova did not turn up.

Standings after round 5:
1st Glissan 5, 2nd Christensen 4, 3rd-5th Sewell, Kordahi, Javor, 6th-7th Fell, Rachmadi, 8th -10th Sharamova, Baterowicz, Tomas 1.

In th minor division Korbe became sole leader after he defeated Bruce Harris in a tight knight and two pawns against Bishop and one pawn endgame. Valsalan Karayi fell off the pace as he fell to Michael Courtney. Trent Parker played on in what was probably a drawn endgame but then found a combination that allowed either a loss of a pawn or checkmate. Alexander Papp pushed the pawn and missed the checkmate. Anthony villanueva was up two pawns butMichael Tracey had central passed pawns. In the end Anthony's material advantage paid off for the win. Michael Ngo and Tony Spirov played out a draw, Behan defeated Greenwood, Greg Davis lost to Mick Waters, Edis defeated Tom Accola.

Standings after round five:
1st Korbe 4.5, 2nd-3rd Parker, Courtney 4, 4th Karayi 3.5 5th-6th Villanueva, Harris 3, 7th-11th Papp, Ngo, Spirov, Behan, Waters 2.5, 12th-13th Tracey, Edis 2, 14th Greenwood 1.5, 15th Davis 1, 16th Accola 0

Catching up on things

OMG ive missed so much. I've been busy and sick and then busy and then sick

I have not read closet grandmaster in a long time. I have missed so much on chesschat and i have not been on ozchess for a long time as well. I need to get back into the swing of things. Now to catch up on my blogging of the state championships.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Canfell gets forfeit? Integra NSW Championships report for rounds 4 and 5

In round four I did not get much of a report as I was disappointed with my own game and became enthralled with Joshua Christensen's analysis of his own game.

The Integra NSW State Championship division results went as follows:

Andrew Furst - Arthur Huynh apparently was supposed to be played on the Thursday before the sunday's round but Arthur did not turn up. Andrew won on Forfeit.

Johny Bolens defeated Gareth Charles

Now with the other two fixtures for that round there is currently no results imputted into the swiss perfect program.

I thought Angelito Camer lost on forfeit to Greg Canfell but there is no result inserted yet.

No result was inserted for Brendan Norman v Adrian rose

So the standings after 4 incomplets!? rounds are as follows: 1st Canfell 4, 2nd Bolens 3, 3rd Charles 2.5, 4-5th Rose, Norman 1.5, 6th Furst 1, 7th Huynh 0.5, 8th Camer 0.

In the Major division for round 4:

Nick Kordahi lost to the pacesetter Paul Glissan, Joshua Christensen defeated Steve Javor by hacking the kings position. Bob Sewell continued his winning streak by defeating Charamova. Mark Baterowicz was defeated by Lloyd Fell, and Herman Rachmadi defeated Tom Tomas.

Standings after round 4:

1st Glissan 4, 2nd-3rd Christensen, Sewell 3, 4-7 Kordahi, Fell, Rachmadi, Javor 2, 8th-9th Baterowicz, Charamova 1, 10th Tomas 0

Minor results for round 4:

Parker coming out of the opening a pawn up ended up blundering in the battle of Wollondilly against Heinrich Korbe on top board, Valsalan Karayi continued his good form by beating Anthony Villanueva, Michael Tracey lost to Bruce Harris, Norman Greenwood lost to Michael Courtney, Alexander Papp defeated Patrick Beahan. Franca Edis handed Michael Ngo a point by not showing up as did Greg davis to opponent Tony Spirov. Mick Waters defeated Tom Accola.

Standings after 4 rounds:

1st-2nd Korbe, Karayi 3.5, 3rd-5th Parker, Harris, Courtney 3, 6th Papp 2.5, 7-10 Villanueva, Tracey, Ngo, Spirov 2, 11-13 Greenwood, Behan, Waters 1.5, 14-15 Davis, Edis 1, 16th Accola 0.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

NSW Championships..... No longer the Stayers race

The NSW Championships used to be a 9 round tournament over nine weeks. To me This was the Melbourn (Or should that be Sydney) cup of chess. It was a stayers race. The winner had to maintain form over the several months of the Championshipd.

I saw the nine rounds like this: The first three rounds saw the pace set. It sort of determined the players to beat for the tournament and who was in form for the start of the tournament. The second three games is like the horses coming around the final turn. Players jostling for position and sometimes the original frontrunners may fall back into the pack. The final three games: the players have jostled into position for the sprint home. This is it! Down the main straight. the race is won in these final games. It may take until the final game before the race iswon.

This year in the Integra NSW State Championships the 7 round format has taken away from the traditional feel of the 9 round tournament.

Today we play the fourth round of the championships and Instead of coming into the turn it sora feels like we have a sharp bend rathaer a turn to negotiate before running the final 3 game sprint. I'm currently setting the pace in the minor. I hope I can maintain the lead I have and sprint away from my competitors.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Howard v Rudd: A chess Game

Here we go again! The media using chess incorrectly to emphasise things. The article is a bit of a light hearted article on the Election campaign between Howard and Rudd "winning strategy eludes past master". Howard v Rudd, Like Bobby Fischer v Vaselin Topalov ...... hang on a sec..... has Bobby fisher ever played Topalov??? I dont think so.

Later on in the article it says:

Howard must also be spooked that so many chess masters have names beginning with K: Karpov, Kasparov, Kramnik, Khalifman, Kasimdzhanov. Now Kev. Oops!

Doesnt this guy realise that all these names are surnames. lol like really.

Anyhow it seems to be the joke of the day

Monday, September 03, 2007

Integra NSW Championships Round 3 : Canfell wins; Charles wins by forfeit

Round Three of the Integra NSW Championships was Canfell has shaken off Bolens to become sole leader in the open division, Paul Glissen pull ahead in the Major and I became sole leader of the minor division

In the Integra NSW Championship division Gareth Charles won by forfeit as Angelito Camer rang up on the day and said that he had to work.

Greg Canfell and Andrew Furst had completed their game even before I completed mine. Canfell was the victor of that battle.

On board three Arthur Huynh misplayed the opening to end up a pawn plus an exchange down. He battled on and at one stage missed a cunning looking draw which Fritz picked up straight away. Arthur ended up losing this very wild game.

As Eccentric as always, Johny Bolens Complained about the colours before Arbiter Nick Chernih told Bolens to play the game or dont play the game. Bolens ended up playing the game and eventually went down to Adrian Rose in a rook and multiple pawns endgame.

Current standings for the Integra NSW Championship division: 1st Canfell 3, 2nd Charles 2.5, 3rd Bolens 2, 4th-5th Norman, Rose 1.5, 6th Huynh .5, 7th-8th Camer, Furst 0.

In the Major division, top seed Paul Glissen played white against Joshua Christensen. A Scandinavian battle ensued with Paul coming out the victor.

On Board two Herman Rachmadi was apparently looking ok against Nick Kordahi until Rachmaid dropped his Queen for a Rook. Kordahi eventually won that game.

Bob Sewell and Lloyd Fell played each other on board three where it took Sewell 89 moves to convert the game in his favour after being the exchange up with advanced passed pawns in the middlegame.

The second last game of the night to finish was teven Javor against Mark Baterowicz. Javor had two pieces plus a pawn for a rook up and also had advanced passed pawns. Javor won this game.

The lady of the tournament finally won her first game! Charamova was an exchange for a pawn up in an endgame and eventually won with the exchange.

Standings after round 3:1st Glissan 3, 2nd-5th Christensen, Kordahi, Sewell, Javor 2, 6th-9th Fell, Rachmadi, Baterowicz, Charamova 1, 10 Tom Tomas 0

In the minor division the only two players on two battled it out on the top board. Anthony Villanuevea and I battled on until I came up with a nice knight sac that gave me the advantage. I eventually won the game. On the second board another upset was brewing; Alexander Papp lost to Heinrich Korbe. And yet another upset on board three! Norm Greenwood was two pawns down in a rook and pawn endgame. The additional pawn proved too much and Valsalan Karayi won. Michael and michael battled on fourth board, Courtney ended up upsetting Ngo. Michael Tracey got a free ride up the ladder as Edis did not turn up. Bruce harris defeated Greg Davis, Mick Waters drew with "the draw man" Tony Spirov and Behan defeated Tom Accola.

Standings after 3 rounds: 1st Parker 3, 2nd-3rd Korbe, Karayi 2.5, 4th-7th Villanueva, Courtney, Tracey, Harris 2, 8th=10th Papp, Greenwood, Behan 1.5, 11th-14th Ngo, Davis, Edis, Spirov 1, 15th Waters 0.5, 16th Accola 0.

Top board in the Minor next week will be the battle of te 'dilly. Both Heinrich Korbe and Myself live in the beautiful place called the Wollondilly Shire :D