Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anzac Day

Ahhh well

Today was Anzac Day 2006.
A day to remember those who fought and lost their lives during war, and those who have died who have fought in a war.

Today is the day back in 1915 that the ANZAC's landed on Gallipoli. It makes me wonder, being a chess buff and all. whether chess was played by the ANZACS at war.

A google search found this site which uses the word "chess board" as if it was a part of the battle ground at galipoli: http://www.anzacs.org/pages/AOfaddy.html

The Navy plays chess: here.

There is a picture of a chess tournament on board the HMAS ANZAC!

More on this tomorrow. I need sleep.

Loss and Chess

Some people may already knowthat I have recently lost a brother in a car accident two weeks ago last sunday... has it really been that long? Man time flies.

We had the Funeral on Thursday.

So what effect will that have on my chess?

Initually it had a horrendous effect on my chess as evident in my Doeberl Cup Minor division result of 3.5 out of 7 Losing to players hundreds of points lower than what i am. This tournament was only one week after what i call "the event" (I still cannot say the words "My brother's Death")

But what will it mean in the grand scheme of things for my chess?

Although It is a very sad occurance I have been inspired by my Brother, Jack Wayne Parker. Jack lived life to the fullest. Always had somewhere to be or something to do. Jack used the internet rarely. mainly to talk to friends on msn and to look stuff up. I have decided that I am going to spend less time on the computer and spend more time studying chess on an actual board rather than playing lightning on FICS.
Jack was one to practice things - Hell, he learnt how to do backflips on his bicycle by doing them. He stacked it time and time again but he eventually landed the trick.
Jacks passion was his bicycle, his motorbike, and his friends. My passion is chess and now I value my friends much more than before.I'm going to start myself on the 7 circles program from the book "Rapid Chess Improvement" There is also an article online that explains this system of training.
I think if i spend less time sitting on my rear end at the compture (except to do chess tactics puzzles) i will improve my chess. Maybe once every two to three days max.

One particular story that one of Jacko's mates told me will keep in my head and forever inspire me. Jacko and his mates were talking about a stabbing that happened near Picton train station A few days before the event happened. Jack apparently said to his mates "If someone harmed my brother i would kill that person; I would go to jail for my brother; I would die for my brother" and apparently he said it so passionately that I could tell that, when this friend was telling this to me, that it had inspired him as well.

So. I will not let Jack's death go in vain. I am going to lose my weight. Jack was always tall and trim. Well at least i can make myself trim. And this is the ultimate motivation to get the weith off. I am going to live life to the fullest. I am not going to get myself involved with this Sweeney Ban rubbish, or any other (excuse the french) Bullshit bickering that occurs online or offline.

I am going to write on this blog each time i log online i've decided. I have a bad habit of not finishing things. Now i'm going to make sure i start finishing things and continuing things.

Heres to Jack, my future life and better chess.