Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Exchange Sacrifice Doesnt Pay Off!

..... And i end up a full rook down.......

I played in the 2005 Rooty Hill open played at the Rooty Hill RSL Club hoping that i may be able to advertise the Fisher's ghost Open tournament starting the Monday after the long Weekend. I received some fliers from the campbelltown collegians chess club and forgot to put them out on the 6th week due to being late. Last Night (which was the last round of the tournament) i forgot to put the fliers in my bag. I wanted to make an announcement before commencement of play but i was told i couldn't because it would be against the clubs interest as they had their club championships starting that week. I was not happy. I sacrificed playing in my own clubs championship to go all the freakin' way to Rooty Hill for 7 weeks to make an attempt at advertising The FG Open. Well.... What can i say..... We learn from our mistakes...... Playing in the Rooty Hill Open for me was a mistake.....I will not be playing in that tournament for the forseeable future. (Ummm i'll also mention that i played badly only scoring 2/6)

OH And Congratulations to Lee and Brian Jones who came 1st and 2nd respectively in the Rooty Hill Open.

Blog revival

Hello peoples. I have been a bit slack in updating my blog these last few months...... Will try to enter one post per day. Anyhow onto the next story....... I've got plenty of them at the moment.......